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a complete software package for analysis and optimization of your design and production processes

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Knowing one's products and processes in detail, you can drastically improve the company's conditions for finding, 
motivate and implement improvements in the production processes.


AviX provide companies with new opportunities for productivity improvements by using video, that otherwise would be almost impossible to achieve using conventional methods.

Standard times

AviX uses standard times and a unique method to classify objects and activities into three categories: value added, necessary and losses.

Lean Production Software

AviX - The Industrial Office shall, by every manufacturing company, be considered the natural toolbox for industrial engineering work.

Computer Guy

Everything measured can be improved

AviX is a video-based software to support engineering work and consists of several modules which all aim to improve corporate competitiveness in both design and production.


AviX is built up of modules of functionality.
You can buy one or more modules and expand gradually as the need arises.


Increase the productivity in your processes, using the latest technology.

AVIX Method
Resource Balance

Increase productivity and efficiency in your production line.

AVIX Resource Balance

Control your process and increase productivity with fewer stops.


Reduce set-up time and produce more with AviX SMED!


Effective product development and greater manufacturability with AviX DFX.


Visual Ergonomics for improved working conditions.

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World wide coverage of avix users

Companies worldwide are working successfully with AviX to improve their competitiveness. Below you find success stories from different types of businesses that streamlines its production using AviX. Choose one of the companies to learn more about how they did it.

“Finally we came to the understanding of what is important to focus on in our production processes”

Business area manager, ABB TRANSFORMERS

“The program has helped us to make a big step forward to standardization and optimization of our processes as well as a significant reduction of operative time.”

Inna Traud, Lean Manager

“We would never be able to "debug" our production to this level without AviX!”

Production Manager, Scania

“Beside that we utilize the resources fair we now also have a basis for getting started with standardized work.”

Lean Coordinator Ekrem Güclü, Getrag AWD

“Before it took about 4 hours to analyze 10 minutes of film. With AviX we do it in 1 hour - together with the operator!”

Production Engineer, Wipak

“To learn AviX is the best investment for a long time. Developing employees is important to us and AviX is an important part in this work.”

Production Manager, Volvo Buses

“Easy to learn, easy to use, fast results. Honestly, we did not control our processes before and what previously took two weeks - now takes two days to complete.”

AviX Responsible, Getrag AWD

“AviX - Part of everyday life!”

Eddie Vidov, Production Engineer
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Better balanced lines gave Ericsson less stress and increased quality

A pilot project gave the opportunity to test and evaluate AviX in Ericssons own production facilities, as well as discuss challenges and opportunities.


It all started in the 90's...

Solme AB was founded in 1998 based on an idea to create a software tool that should enable effective analysis of manual assembly processes by combining video analysis with time and motion studies based on standard times. Since then the basic idea has been refined, additional software modules have been developed and further areas of usage have been identified.

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