Solme AB


Our company Solme AB was founded in Gothenburg (Sweden) 1998 and is a software development company. The company’s mission was to create a software tool that could effectively analyze manual assembly processes by combining video analysis with time and motion studies based on standard times. Since then, the idea has been refined and additional software modules have been developed to expand the areas of usage.

Most of Solme’s employees are engineers with degrees in computer science and mechanical engineering, but we also have colleagues with degrees in economics, finance, and business administration. The company’s focus is understanding its customers overall needs and problems.

AVIX is Solme’s flagship software solution, which has helped hundreds of companies in the global manufacturing industry reach their goals by increasing production capacity, optimizing processes, and saving time and money. The AVIX tool is used within the fields of productivity, production development, production optimization, and production efficiency, all of which are closely related to work measurements and time studies.

Solme AB has expanded its reach by establishing local offices and partners across Europe and Asia. In addition to its headquarters in Sweden, Solme Deutschland was established in Germany in 2005, Solme China in 2011, and Solme Czech Republic in 2019, Romania 2022, and most recently in 2023 we expanded operations to Slovakia.

With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and quality, Solme and AVIX have earned a reputation for providing exceptional software solutions to businesses across the globe.

Huvudkontoret i Göteborg
Headoffice in Gothenburg