AVIX is not only used to analyse manual processes, it can just as well be an automatic process or the interaction between the operator and machine.


We often get the question if it is possible to analyse a CNC machine using AVIX, and that is no problem. Rather, it is really easy using the features of AVIX Method.

Many companies already use video to analyse machine equipment, but using AVIX it is easy to see what is value adding vs. non-value adding machine time.


  • Record a video of the machine cycle
  • Create task sequence in AVIX (stopwatch time)
  • Classify the activities as value adding, neccecary or losses

The analysis gives not only feedback of time, the real power lays in the combination of video and analysis. The movie makes it visual, and the process is observed in a detailed way, which give new insights – And it is only knowledge and insight that helps revealing the improvement potential.


The machine analysis doesn’t have to end with the machine itself – In complex machine set-ups, the interaction between the operator and the machine, is just as important. Analyzing this interactions reveals answers to questions like:

  • Is it possible for one operator to handle two machines?
  • Is it effective using only one operator?
  • What is the real process time? (most of the time, there is more to it that just the machine cycle time)

When the study of the work sequence is combined with the visual power of AVIX Resource Balance, it becomes possible to create Gantt-charts together with logic rules creating a real picture of the process steps.

Now and then we meet companies with complex processes, e.g. two operators working together at the same work station – And is has happened more than once that the actual process time has been misjudged due to the lack of proper data/analysis.
Simply, the data didn’t show reality and how complex the process is.


Let’s us show how AviX can support your process improvements