AVIX Work Instructions

Assembly Instructions, Element Sheets, SMED Instructions, SOP, Engineered Labor Standards, Process Documentation...

There are many different names on documents that describe best practice.
AVIX as a process documentation tool has a number of built-in standard process documents and instructions,
adapted for both screen and printing (for those who still prefer it).

Below are some examples of process documentation. These are in English but are available in all 12 languages of AVIX.

It is also popular among our customers to tailor their own instructions. 

AviX Standard Reports

The General Analysis Report shows how much time is Value Adding (VA) and Non Value Adding (NVA), as well as Semi-VA and Waiting. Also time per activity is clearly shown.

The Balance Sheet shows graphically each station's occupancy rate and its work tasks, per product variant relative to the takt time. A specifik product mix is also possible to present.

The Machine Set-Up instruction shows along a timeline how the machine set-up will look graphically, as well as who will do what and when. Internal and external activities are separated and clearly displayed.

The Loss Report specifies where and how much loss time there is at each workstation. Even poor ergonomics are highlighted.

Custom made Instructions

A classic Element Sheet with How, What and Why and safety symbols.

A list of clickable work tasks that executes a pop-up movie player that shows that specific task.

The report above is a movie report with images, symbols and clickable work tasks that executes a pop-up movie player that shows that specific task.

Standardized Work Instruction with smaller and multiple images on the same page, symbols and tools, etc.

Digital work instructions directly in a web browser

The AviX structure/sequence

...makes it possible to view work instructions in a web browser

The work instruction can be presented through a web browser, and shows the exact same information as in AviX. In other words, changes in AviX becomes directly accessible for the operator.

A web browser also makes is possible to access the process documentation from any device with a browser, e.g. a touch screen, computer or tablet.

AviX SFV...

AviX SFV (AviX Shop Floor Viewer) is the perfect solution for digital work instructions. The mangement of method- and time data is done same way as always in AviX, but with the advantage that it can be published for access through a web browser. This is a great benefit since it secures the operator always having easy access to the latest updated version of the work instruction!

The same data in the web browser, times and movie sequence

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