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AviX is a video-based software to support engineering work and consists of several modules which all aim to improve corporate competitiveness in both design and production.

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You can’t improve what you can’t measure.

Knowing one's products and processes in detail, you can drastically improve the company's conditions for finding,
motivate and implement improvements in the production processes.

Video film

AviX provide companies with new opportunities for productivity improvements that otherwise would be almost impossible to achieve using conventional methods.

Standard times

AviX uses standard times and a unique method to classify objects and activities into three categories: value added, necessary and losses.

Lean Production Software

AviX - The Industrial Office shall, by every company, be considered the natural toolbox for industrial engineering work.

AviX Modules

AviX is built up of modules of functionality.
You can buy one or more modules and expand gradually as the need arises.

Avix Method

Increase the productivity in your processes, using the latest technology


Reduce set-up time and produce more with AviX SMED!

Avix Resource Balance

Increase productivity and efficiency in your production line

Avix DFX

Effective product development and greater manufacturability with AviX DFX


Control your process and increase productivity with fewer stops

Avix Ergo

Visual Ergonomics for improved working conditions

Better balanced lines gave Ericsson less stress and increased quality.

A pilot project gave the opportunity to test and evaluate AviX in Ericssons own production facilities, as well as discuss challenges and opportunities.

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About Solme & AviX

AVIX Method demo

AVIX Method demo Movie

AviX Resource Balance Demo

AviX Resource Balance demo

AviX SMED demo

AviX SMED demo

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