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Solme AB

We are a solution focused company, rooted in two technical areas:
software development and production engineering.


Most of us are engineers with degrees in computer science and mechanical engineering (and Theoretical physics). However, we also have colleagues with degrees in economics, finance and business administration. We focus on understanding our customers overall needs and problems. This requires that our software developers understand production engineering and that our sales representatives understands software development - This makes us quite unique.

Solme AB was founded in 1998 based on an idea to create a software tool that should enable effective analysis of manual assembly processes by combining video analysis with time and motion studies based on standard times. Since then the basic idea has been refined, additional software modules have been developed and further areas of usage have been identified.

The applications are within the fields of productivity, production development, production optimization and production efficiency which are all closely related to work measurement and time study.

One of our first big customers was SKF in Gothenburg where our software with corresponding methods has been, and still is, successfully applied to reduce set-up times. A resulting reduction of up to 50% encouraged us to pursue the development of AviX®. It should be noted that this improvement in set-up times has led to a considerably higher degree of flexibility in the SKF production.

Our innovation AviX® has helped our customers to take one step forward, sometimes two, in increasing the capacity in their production processes. AviX® as a supporting tool in one or several of the working areas leads to considerable savings in the industrial engineering work, not to mention the result that can be created.

Today AviX is widely used within Swedish and global manufacturing industry and has helped hundreds of companies to reach their goals - That is something we are both excited and proud of.


Gothenburg Headquarter