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AVIX Method

AviX® Method is a time and motion analysis software successfully used on manual assembly in manufacturing processes. Companies around the world use AviX®Method to increase productivity and reduce cycle times in their manufacturing processes. 


In the early stages of the recession, Aditro chose to invest in production technique in order to ensure in time that the most optimum tasks will be done when margins are shrinking. Magnus Brömster, Operations & Quality Manager knew AviX® through his previous job at Volvo and had a good experience of how the software makes people understand what happens in the production.
The ability to make a method study in the office, in peace and quiet, is a strong reason for the choice of system. "It's not until now we feel that we have time to make the necessary changes in the production. Once it turns, we will say goodbye to the recession, being on the top".

In just ten weeks Aditro Umeå has succeeded in lowering their operating times by up to 28%. With the requirements from customers of an annual 3% streamlining of the total costs, Aditro is pleased that most of the improvements are achieved by layout changes and a only a few investments. "The big cost cuts have not materialized so far, but it depends more on the low volumes of our production. We will see more of cost cuts when we increase the volume of production again".
Anders Westman, Production engineer says: "Previously, we neither had the time nor the money to look at cheap improvements. AviX® has revealed how much time we actually spend on walking, something we have put too little attention to in the past ".

From the outset, the union was involved in the evaluation of AviX® and has had a positive attitude through the process. Since the introduction, the understanding of what is the basis for negotiations between trade unions and companies has increased markedly. "The negotiations have taken a new turn following the AviX®. It is easier to reach agreement between the union and the company. Both parties have accepted the system as a way to work, which have taken the discussions directly to the key point", says Magnus.
David Norman, union representative at Aditro, highlights: "AviX® is fair and not negative for any part of the company. That AviX® reveals poor posture and the losses it entails, is very positive." Getting poor ergonomics described both in time, with color and with film, clearly demonstrates where staff are exposed to poor ergonomics. At the same time, we can easily put a price on every poor ergonomic operation and calculate a pay-off time for a suitable investment. Previously, we bought a solution and hoped that it would solve the problem. 
After some time with AviX®, Aditro has naturally drifted into new methods of improvement efforts. "It is easier to demonstrate the utility of specific changes in layout and method. We now make changes together, technicians, union and group leader."First the current situation is analyzed, followed by the implementation of a change. The a new analysis is made to verify the results. "All parties are now in agreement through the whole change in an operation. At the same time we could simplify and speed up the work. Previously, we could only guess what a change would bring. We now know, before anything is done, how it will affect production and working environment".
Aditro also plans to establish smaller working groups consisting of the union, operators and technicians as well as increasing the responsibility of the operators who will have the chance to be in charge of the improvement work in their own area."We consider AviX® as a good tool for improving workplaces and work environment,"said Magnus Brömster.