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AVIX Method

AviX® Method is a time and motion analysis software successfully used on manual assembly in manufacturing processes. Companies around the world use AviX®Method to increase productivity and reduce cycle times in their manufacturing processes. 


As a first step Luxo conducted a pilot project that effectively demonstrated the usefulness of AviX®. With good results and a positive experience, Luxo Sweden continues to optimize operations through its own use of the AviX® concept.
The current line had a rate of time of 4.2 min for a popular variant of a product. The aim was to analyze how much more effective the task could be done in a more structured manner. Using standard times and video it was discovered that the imbalance in the line was larger than expected and measures were put in to smooth out the flow. The new potential rate fell to 2.6 minutes, an improvement of almost 40 percent! As a bonus it was also possible to eliminate some bad ergonomics, which is essential for effective long-term production

"With structured video analysis of our operations, we can correct errors and make effective changes. This has been well received by our employees as we not only increases efficiency but also reduces the risk of injuries. We make constant improvements with AviX®”, says Ronny Engqvist, Production Technician at Luxo Sweden.

The balancing graph in AviX® clearly visualizes the outcome before and after the AviX® analysis. After carrying out a time and method study, it has been possible to both reduce the rate of time and, using AviX®, rebalance the production line. The result is a more time-efficient and smoother workflow with better ergonomics and less stress at each workstation.