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AVIX Execution Optimizer

Order execution and optimization



AviX Execution Optimizer helps improving production line output by analyzing and optimizing build schedule/production programs. The tool visualizes areas of improvement and makes it easy to decide actions to improve output

Correct averages

Classic average balancing is based on simplifyed prognoses or assumptions about future production output. Using AviX Execution Optimizer makes it possible to calculate a correct balance based on production program/build schedules, i.e. real orders containing configurations.


The work content in a work station can vary heavily between different products or configurations. Depending on the production program/build schedule this can cause unwanted consequences on the line balance. AviX Execution Optimizer helps visualizing the work content/utilization of each work station, making it possible to forecast problems. 

Avoid stopping the line

AviX Execution Optimizer makes it possible to identify and avoid line stops before they occur. By analyzing the work content over time and for each single work order in the production program/build schedule, it becomes possible to take action and avoid future problems

AviX Execution Opimizer is a add-on used together with AviX Resource Balance. Execution Optimizer makes AviX even more powerful when it comes to advanced balancing, order management, order mixes etc.

Areas of use

Import feature

Import orders/build schedules and product configurations

Simulating without orders

Simulated heat map using statistical distribution

Product mix

Create product mix based on orders/build schedules

Advanced balancing

Discover future balancing problems using "heat map"

AviX Execution Optimizer Screenshots

AviX Execution Optimizer video example

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