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AVIX Resource Balance

Efficient Flow Optimization



In AviX Resource Balance the work operations are balanced between the different workstations and internally between the operators. 
AviX Resource Balance has the capability of  handling multiple operators and can be used to analyze man-machine operations.
AviX visualizes (graphically and numerically) losses caused by an unbalanced workflow.
The final outcome is reduced balancing losses and the possibility to print new work instructions.

Correct input

AviX Resource Balance uses the analyzes from AviX Method. Production lines can be simulated with all possible data to simplify the work with balancing in a fast and easy manner. Balance your production line with correct time data from AviX Method. The balancing work is conducted by using these times which are updated in all AviX modules in real time. This means that you will always have up-to-date data in your balancing analysis.

Smart variant management

Companies without a great number of variants (product options) are rare! Using AviX Resource Balance gives the possibility to use logic rules when working with multiple variants. This makes it easy to see how different variants (product options) will impact the workload on each workstation in the workflow. It also gives the possibility to see how different product mixes will affect the balance.

Maximum control

When you balance the workload in AviX Resource Balance you will have full control over operations, components and tools. When you move work tasks between workstations to even out the workload you will move all the data contained in the tasks. When new balancing proposals are created, information about the tasks to be performed, the associated work instructions as well as material and tools will be available, connected to the affected work station.

Areas of usage

Increasing line performance by smoothing the flow

Simulate new balance when designing new production lines

Planning of production for a new product/variant

Layout improvements on existing line

Create standardized work instructions

Work with multiple variants simultaneously

See the impact on the balance of a production forecast

Identify and reduce internal balancing losses

AviX Resource Balance Screenshots

Balancing by drag’n drop gives the user the possibility to follow the balancing improvements when moving around work tasks. After each balancing step you will see how this influences the productivity and efficiency of the line.

AviX Resource Balance is built to be used as a means of communication. The combination of real-time, graphics and colors make AviX Resource Balance to a visual tool for presentations of various balancing scenarios.

AviX Video Clips

AVIX Method demo

AVIX Method demo Movie

AviX Resource Balance Demo

AviX Resource Balance demo

AviX SMED demo

AviX SMED demo

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