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AVIX Shop Floor Viewer

Digital work instructions



Using AviX Shop Floor Viewer makes it possible to show work instructions digitally though a web browser on a screen/monitor. You can use existing or create new data using AviX.

Digital work instructions 4.0

Take a leap into the digital paperless world and the ideas of industry 4.0. Using AviX Shop Floor Viewer makes it possible to access work instructions directly from a network connected screen.

It doesn't matter if you are already using AviX, or thinking about starting. Either way you can directly use your AviX data to digitally show work instructions 

Easy to administrate

All data/information in AviX is linked together - It means that the same data used for a time study or line balance can be re-used to show a work instruction.

What does that mean? Well, it means that the administration becomes much easier, and you dont have to change/update data in multiple systems/resources (e.g. different Excel files).

Interactive interface

The Shop Floor Viewer interface is made to be easy and simple to use, e.g. by having big visual buttons to step forward/backward in the instruction. A really appreciated feature in AviX is the link to a video showing the process step, this feature is also available in AviX Shop Floor Viewer. The same video sequence used in the method study is also available to the operator through the interface.

This means all users (operators, engineers etc.) is always using and working based on the same video/method sequence. It really makes the communication and team work easier.

Operator interface

Interface between AviX and a Web-browser

The AviX structure/sequence

Simple technical solution

AviX Shop Floor Viewer is made as a "out of the box" webbserver (software) that can installed locally on the network the would provide access to the work instructions. From a IT-technical perspective, this is just as simple as the rest of AviX, this means simple installation and konfiguration.

AviX interface

AviX Shop Floor Viewer is the perfect solution for digital work instructions. The mangement of method- and time data is done same way as always in AviX, but with the advantage that it can be published for access through a web browser. This is a great benefit since it secures the operator always having easy access to the latest updated version of the work instruction!

The same data in the web browser, times and movie sequence


Digital work instructions
Work instructions through a screen
Clear connection between present work metod and instructions
Easy to update/administrate

AviX Shop Floor Viewer Screenshots

AviX Shop Floor Viewer video example

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