Finnish Industry learn about AVIX in Sweden


During two intensive days, 6-7th of September, a group of 11 persons from 8 Finnish companies visited Sweden. Cimteam, Solme´s AviX®-partner in Finland organized the trip.

The first day consisted of both a demonstration of AviX® combined with interesting discussion. Two of the Finnish companies, UTU Elec and PKC wiring systems also presented their experience from working with AviX® the past year. 
The discussions continued during a dinner at one of the oldest restaurants in Stockholm, Zum Franziskaner.

In the morning the second day the group visited ABB Robotics in Västerås. Peter Sundgren gave the group a very interesting factory tour and told how his work has been a lot about AviX® the past  5 years and how hard, if not impossible to achieve the same results without AviX®. The Solme team got stuck underground in an elevator for almost one hour but joined the rest of the group in the ABB factory. Peter acted as the good host he is and took good care of the Finnish group.

After lunch the group had the privilege to visit Volvo Powertrain in Köping. After the mandatory safety presentation the “blue train” waited. The final assembly line and the amount of machines and operations supporting the assembly line was really impressive. It has to be efficient since the line supplies most Volvo vehicles with gearboxes, commented Mattias Silfver who is AviX® Global Superuser for Volvo Powertrain. 

Thanks to Cimteam, all participants, ABB Robotics in Västerås and Volvo Powertrain in Köping!