Time is of the essence, it is important to make an easy decision and evaluate AVIX - Thats it!

We enjoy meeting our customers, and we'll go wherever the are. It doesn't matter if it is 80, 800 or 8000 km. We're used to it, we got customers all over the world.

Step 1

Contact us

The easiest and quickest is to have a conversation about your needs and what type of solution you are looking for. That is the best way to find out how AVIX can support your engineering work and help reach your goals.

A first meeting will give us (and you) a much better understanding of what to be achieved, how our solutions fits your needs, and we can share our experince from thousands of consultancy hours and hundreds of AVIX implementations.

Step 2

A first meeting

The most efficient approach is to have a look at AVIX together - It can be a phone meeting, web-meeting (WebEx, Skype, Teams etc.) or if we visit you at location. Time is of essence, and it is important to quickly come to a conclusion how to move forward with AVIX.

A meeting is typically 30-90 minutes depending on focus area and what we have agreed.

Step 3

Pilot project

We run a pilot project together. A pilot project is typically 2-3 days (but depends on what we decide), and are the best and most efficient way for stakeholders and potential users to find out more about AVIX. During the pilot project we will use and work actively in AVIX, test and evaluate. It all ends up in a summary and a base for decision making. Simply try before you buy.



“To learn AVIX is the best investment for a long time.
Developing employees is important to us and AVIX is an important part in this work.”

-Production manager, Volvo Busses





Looking to get started with AVIX right away? You can buy the AVIX Suite now and start improving your production processes today! Our software is trusted by companies around the world, and with our easy-to-use system, you'll be up and running in no time. 

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Try the AVIX Suite and get access to all the features of AVIX, including our modules for process design, time studies, and video analysis. To get started, simply fill out our contact form and we will get back to you. If you have any questions or would like more information, our team is always available to help. 

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New to AVIX? 

3 good reasons for running a pilot project!

A base for desicion making

During a pilot project we run a POC/trial of AVIX together. That is important! We want our customers to be confident about their decision to purchase AVIX. Time is of essence, so it is important to easily make (the right) decision.

Feel, squeeze and testdrive

Who want's to purchase a software without testing? We believe the answer is obvious, and the pilot project gives all stakeholders the insight needed to make a well-founded decision. It is also a golden opportunity to be trained in AVIX together with us.

Try a real case on your data

Different industries and companies has different prerequisites in their manufacturing environment. A pilot project is not a "demo" of AVIX, it is an opportunity to try a real case and evaluate how AVIX fits your methodology and processes.

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How did SAPA get started with AviX?

Sapa Heat Transfers first natural step was to run a pilot project to verify the system's full potential. "During the pilot we were met by knowledgeable and dedicated staff from Solme who also was available for support and feedback during the implementation."

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Want to get started with AviX?

You are always welcome to contact us. Send a message below and we will reply within 24 hours.

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