How to get AviX?

Time is always precious, so it is important to quickly and easily evaluate and get started with AviX - Simple as that!
Well, one more thing, we like to meet our customers and go wherever our customers are. It doesn't matter if it is 80, 800, or 8000 km. We are used to it, our customers are all over the world. Thats the way it is.

Step 1

Contact us

The easiest and most straight forward is to have a conversation about your needs and how AviX can support our production engineering work and help achieve your goals.

A first talk gives us a much better understanding of your needs and we can share our experiences from thousands of consulting hours and hundreds AviX users.

Step 2

A first meeting

The most effective is to actually have a look at AviX together - It could be a phone, web-meeting (WebEx, Skype, etc.) or if we visit you at location. Time is precious, and it is important to quickly come to a conclusion how you can get on with AviX.

A meeting usually takes 30-90 minutes depending on focus areas and what we agreed.

Step 3

Pilot Project

We runt a pilot project together. The pilot project is usually 2-3 days, and is the most effective way for interested and potential users to find out more about AviX. During the pilot project, we work actively in AviX, testing and evaluating. 
It all end up in a basis for decision making.

3 good reasons for running a pilot project!

Basis for decision making

During a pilot project we dicuss and create a basis for decision making. This is important! We want our customers to be confident that AviX is the right choice. In addition, time is precious, and therefore it is important to easily make decisions.

Test drive, feel & squeeze

Who wants to buy software without first trying it out? We believe the answer is obvious, and the pilot project gives all potential users a chance to learn and use AviX together with us.

Try a
real case

Different industries have different prequisitions in their production environment. A pilot project is not a "demo" of AviX, it is an opportunity to use AviX "live" with your conditions and test how AviX fit into all other processes.

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How did SAPA get started with AviX?

Sapa Heat Transfers first natural step was to run a pilot project to verify the system's full potential. "During the pilot we were met by knowledgeable and dedicated staff from Solme who also was available for support and feedback during the implementation."

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Want to get started with AviX?

You are always welcome to contact us. Send a message below and we will reply within 24 hours.

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Note, sometimes our response are considered junk mail. If your missing feedback from us, please check your SPAM folder. You can also provide a phone number to make sure we can get in contact.