Digital investment resulted in 100% more leads for Solme!

Aiming for the best website in the business, Solme, in collaboration with Resultify, developed a new site for the AVIX software. After a successful launch, the global market was approached with confidence. Since then, the site has been continuously optimized, and traffic has emerged.

When the Swedish software company Solme a few years ago needed a new website for their software AVIX, they turned to Resultify. The initial goal was to launch a modern site that was both responsive and search engine optimized. The collaboration began with a strategic phase, with analyzes of needs, target groups and competitors.

- We quickly saw that there was an opportunity to develop the business´s best site and set our minds upon it. The new site was built in TYPO3 at a level that technically, functionally and visually far exceeded what is usual for this type of B2B sites, says Pablo Magana, Customer Manager at Resultify.

The right digital platform for global establishment

AVIX is ​​a niche software for the manufacturing industry. Its use has grown steadily and is, since several years, well established in large Swedish industrial companies.

“It was therefore strategically important to reach out globally, which required the right digital platform. We saw the new website as an investment that would open the door to new markets, says Christian Ehrensvärd, Digital Strategy Manager at Solme AB.

Results high above expectations

During the past four years since its launch, has shown that one can effectively reach the market with a well-trimmed site. No other active marketing measures have been implemented, as Solme did not want to advertise themselves to traffic but to build the market through long-term planning - and the results have been brilliant.

  • 40 percent more qualified traffic to the site
  • 198 percent more traffic from the strategically important US market
  • 70 percent shorter site load-time outside the EU in one year
  • 100 percent more leads from 2017 to 2018

Close cooperation for continuous optimization

Since launch, the site has been continuously developed, both technically and with measurement/analysis for increasingly sharper content as well as SEO activities to optimize traffic flows. Christian Ehrensvärd values ​​the transparent dialogue with Resultify:

- The collaboration has meant a lot to us and Pablo Magana has been a valuable advisor. It feels trustworthy to meet good expertise in all actual areas. One thing I particularly appreciate is the transparency of costs. There have been no surprising invoices along the way, and any departures from the quotation have been communicated clearly and well in time.

Future development

The site is technically prepared for additional functionality that improves the visitor experience, as well as having the infrastructure to easily set up and customize sites in new countries and markets.

- We have now reached a point where it is evident that the site is really generating results. In the future, I have therefore been given the opportunity to focus entirely on this work, which hopefully will generate even better results, concludes Christian Ehrensvärd.

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