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We are committed promoting education and research in the field of industrial engineering. We offer collaboration opportunities to universities and schools that are interested in incorporating AVIX software into their classes, courses or research projects.

Our video-based software is a powerful tool for analyzing and improving production processes, and we believe that students who have experience working with AVIX will be well-equipped when taking the leap into the real world.

We offer scholar licenses of our AVIX software suite at discounted rates for universities and schools, and we can also provide training and support for instructors who wish to incorporate the software into their courses.

We welcome collaboration with researchers who are interested in using AVIX to support their work. Our software has been used in a wide range of research projects, and we believe that it can be a valuable tool for studying topics such as productivity, work measurement, and process optimization.

If you are interested in learning more about how AVIX can support your educational or research goals, please contact us to discuss the possibilities for collaboration. 

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