AVIX Connector

An AVIX Suite submodule

Import & Export of Data

AVIX Connector is an add-on module used with other AviX modules.

The connector makes it possible to send data to and from AVIX to other production systems such as ERP systems, MES systems etc.

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AviX Connector

When integrating different systems, it often leads to limitations in each individual system. This applies to, for example, how data is structured and what features can be used. For each system to provide maximum benefit, each system needs to store the information that is unique to that particular system. The reason is simply that different systems is best at managing their particular type of data. Using AviX Connector makes it possible to get the best of all systems.

When Excel is not enough

It is possible to import/export data from AviX via Excel. Well, Excel is user-friendly and many know how to use it. However, we discovered that our users add a lot of additional processing time to forward information from AviX to other systems. We think this way of working doesn't support the old saying; "working smarter - not harder". From a purely data management perspective, Excel is not always the best option. AviX Connector fills this gap and make it easier to import/export complex information to/from AviX without hassle and manual work.

Standard Solution

AviX Connector provides a standard solution for those companies that already have complex system solutions. In these types of environments it is important to easily "plug in" information from AviX without affecting the existing systems too much. In other words, information must be able to be sent to/from AviX without excessive development efforts in existing systems. AviX Connector is a standard solution, meaning that we are responsible for format and content, and can ensure function over time for both existing and future customers.

AviX Connector Principle Sketch


  • Standardized Data Format
  • Integration with other systems
  • Send Data Upstream/Downstream
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