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Design for Assembly

AVIX DFX is the generic name for a module where focus is put on the product and its design. AVIX DFX simplifies and standardizes how to work with issues of manufacturability – Design For Assembly.

Support is given by examples and search functions thereby making the work more pleasant and the results better.

Simply a visual analysis support where improvement opportunities are captured already in the design phase.



  • Follow up your DFX analyzes in a simpler way
  • Simplifies the work with evaluating, documenting and communicating assembly aspects
  • Use visual aids such as video, drawings and images
  • Work in cross-functional groups is supported and can be run more efficient
  • By using AVIX DFX, product design can be streamlined and the number of prototypes minimized
  • Manufacturability analysis of alternative design proposals will make it easier to find the optimum design
  • Existing products can be improved with AVIX DFX by examining the design in order to identify and eliminate problems


DFX is a collective name for methods of evaluation which aim to improve the design from different aspects. It includes for example DFA (Design For Assembly), DFM (Design For Manufacturing) and DFS (Design For Service). When working with DFX related topics, the meeting itself often constitutes the major part of the gain in the method. Therefore it is of special importance to have a good tool where ideas and propositions are well documented. With DFX analyses, money and effort can be saved in the product development phase. The number of components and manual steps to produce a product can often be reduced by 20-40%!

Manufacturing bill of materials

In AVIX DFX it is easy to build up the product structure which provides an integrated approach for products and modules as well as the analysis. Of course it is possible to import an MBOM or parts from external sources, such as Excel. A DFX analysis is based on an appropriate template, for example DFA2 (Design For Automated Assembly) in detail level. During the analysis you are questioned about different design aspects for the modules and objects you have chosen to analyze. Supporting documentation for the DFX methodology as well as your own drawings, images and/or movies are conveniently available in AVIX DFX.

Customized templates

The software is easy to work with and has a guidance interface. AVIX Design For Assembly contains a rich selection of templates for various standard methods. Furthermore, it is possible to supplement the system by creating your own templates with custom issues as needed. Virtual product development is facilitated as images, drawings and other forms of documentation can easily be connected to the analysis. The work with AVIX DFX is preferably performed in cross-functional groups, involving the design and production personnel. Discussions that occur during the analysis time are valuable to all parties, and communication is facilitated by an extensive use of DFX methodologies within the organization.

Effective product development and greater manufacturability with AVIX DFX.


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