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Failure mode and effect analysis

Use AVIX FMEA to perform powerful P/D-FMEA analysis for products and processes in a logic and simple way.

Search, find and give priority to the right FMEA actions to prevent quality deviations being process or design related. Different type of reports can easily be created, e.g. FMEA and Control Plan reports with a clear link the the process steps.

Being a software solution, AVIX makes the information visual and more logic to work with by connecting to the process via video and to the product via its product assembly structure. AVIX also gives the necessary support working with the new and more complex VDA/AIAG methodology by visualizing the Failure and Function net.

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  • Film linked to the processes assessed. This increases the quality of the analysis and saves time.
  • FMEA are kept updated automatically when balancing the line, which saves a lot of time and frustration.
  • Measures decided from the FMEA meetings are documented in AVIX FMEA and can be summarized in a report with responsible, deadline, priority and status.
  • AVIX FMEA warns when control and/or action is required, this is because there is a direct link from the FMEA to the Control Plan.
  • A Control Plan is created automatically when the FMEA analysis is created.
  • All scales and templates can be customized.
  • Supports FMEA according to AIAG FMEA reference manual (PPAP). P-FMEA meets latest AIAG requirements.
  • Supports FMEA according to ISO/IATF 16949.
  • Supports AIAG-VDA v1 methodology.


By connecting your FMEA-analysis to AVIX Method, your analysis work becomes faster by using the well documented process. Each step of the FMEA-process can be quickly reviewed and documented. As in AVIX Method, there’s a strong connection to the documented film, enabling you to easily visualize and therefore easier implement your FMEA-analysis. This will also allow easier communication, documentation and presentation.

Involve co-workers

By working with a film and documented processes where the FMEA-analysis is carried out, it is easy to work in a team, involving multiple levels of the workforce. It is a pedagogical review of process and product where all quality defects are addressed.


Calculate RPN or AP by product or process. By analyzing the processed RPN or AP can easily be calculated. All FMEA-analysis sheets can be sorted and exported to different formats as well as Action Reports with the responsible sorted by RPN, AP etc.

Control you process and increase productivity with fewer stops with AVIX FMEA.


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