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Single minute exchange of die

Reduce set-up time and produce more! Faster and more efficient set-up results in less downtime & increased productivity.

Consider the optimal set-up as a pit-stop in Formula-1. It is performed quick and correct. SMED is one of the many lean production methods for reducing waste in a manufacturing process.

Gain control and visual overview of the setup process with AVIX SMED.



  • Systematic and Efficient
  • Clear presentation of time and utilization
  • Easy to move internal and external set-up operations by drag and drop
  • Smooth workflow to the final optimum
  • Step by step progress to more and more detailed analysis
  • Work instructions and reports for set-up process are automatically created
  • Number of set-up operators can be varied and optimized
  • Easy to see the effect of adding operators
  • Intuitive approach to the lean manufacturing SMED principle
  • Simple prioritization of changes and to-do-list


AVIX SMED provides a very intuitive approach to the SMED principle within lean production, i.e. no special skills are required. This facilitates the work with more in-depth analysis of the internal set-up with possibility to find the best work method. Standard Time setting also makes it possible to simulate the proposed improvements to get an idea of the outcome in increased productivity.

Internal & External activities

Filming of the setup eliminates the risk of missing important issues in the analysis. The analysis in AVIX SMED is quickly created even at long (> 1hr) set-ups and provides direct separation in internal and external set-up. The film also facilitates communication within improvement groups and with other areas in your organization.

Multiple resources

The simple handling of various resources, allowing several operators to work in parallel with different tasks, makes it possible to analyze set-ups with multiple machines. With built-in logic, tasks starting or ending before another task can be separated. It also becomes easy to see the time spent on various tasks and see the actual time of the necessary tasks and problems.

Reduce set-up time and produce more with AVIX SMED. 


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