An AVIX Suite module


AVIX Method uses MTM-based standard times (or other type of stopwatch measurements) to perform time study analysis of work operations to create the data needed for line balancing and product calculations.

A simple and rapid study provides detailed information, ranging from times of individual work operations to full production line processes. The time base can be used for time data management (TDM) as well as improvement work, capacity calculations, line balancing, work instructions or simply as a basis for decision making.

Or, put another way, how can you make decisions about what and how to improve, if you don’t have the necessary facts about the processes? – AVIX Method helps you analyse and manage this information in a logic and visual way.



“To learn AVIX is the best investment for a long time.
Developing employees is important to us and AVIX is an important part in this work.”

-Production manager, Volvo Busses


Video recording

The use of video technology create commitment among the employees, without disturbing the assembly/processes. Video has many advantages such as support for fast and accurate method analysis and provides a visual way of communicating improvements and results.

Simple communication

The combination of detailed and aggregated times, colors and video makes AVIX Method a flexible tool for presentations. It has never been easier to explain a complex assembly process or make a visual drill-down how different process steps affect the total assembly time.

Find the potential

AVIX Method can distinguish which elements of the assembly process that consume the most resources. This makes it easy to identify the areas with the biggest improvement potential. The time saving is instantly simulated for various improvement proposals and provide increased decision support for investments.

Areas of use

  • Time and Motion Study (AVIX times, MTM, Stopwatch and other time study templates)
  • Improved productivity of individual workstations
  • Optimization of the layout and method used for individual workstations
  • Time Data Management (TDM) manage and organize your time base
  • Optimization of product design for assembly
  • Measurement of productivity for various products and variants in the production process
  • Presentation of the current situation and simulation of future situation
  • Print customized work instructions (std. work)
  • Time simulation of improvement proposals
  • Visual tool for Continuous Improvement work (CI)


Execution optimizer

Helps improving production line output by analyzing and optimizing build schedule/production programs.

AviX Execution Optimizer
Down stream connector

Makes it possible to send data to and from AviX to other production systems such as ERP systems, MES systems etc.

AviX Connector
Production planner

The standard times given can be used for improvement work, capacity calculations and as a basis of decisions.

Shop floor viewer

Makes it possible to show work instructions digitally though a web browser on a screen/monitor. You can use existing or create new data using AviX.

AviX Shop Floor Viewer


The built in pedagogic in the system allows everyone working in the production to be involved in the improvement work. 
The method uses three colours to explain the waste, semi-losses and productivity. By using the method you will soon know where the losses are and how to reduce them.

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