The AIToC research project has come to an end



Artificial Intelligence supported Tool Chain in Manufacturing Engineering.

AIToC, an ITEA project, has come to an end. Solme AB, the company behind the AVIX software, is proud to have been a part of this project, contributing with our expertise within process planning and visualization of work instructions. Along with Solme, the project has involved 30 partners from Sweden, Finland, Germany and Turkey. The research project has been running since October 2020 and last week we all got together for the final presentations.

The primary objective of AIToC has been to develop new and existing tools in an integrated toolchain for manufacturing engineering that facilitates decision-making in the early project phases. To achieve this, the toolchain will aid in the formalization and automated analysis of requirements, the computer-aided generation of process plans, simulation models, and instructions as well as the software-supported generation of layout.

AIToC focuses on enhancing tool interoperability and plug & play capabilities to increase flexibility in simulation environment creation. This will significantly improve production efficiency, model quality, and simulation lead times in various industries. Anticipated time savings in specific engineering toolchain phases are up to 30%, leading to reduced costs for end-users. The enhanced ability to simulate and evaluate numerous alternatives will introduce new functionalities and potential domains. This increased efficiency in the engineering chain for European manufacturing companies will boost global production competitiveness. AIToC’s adherence to standards will facilitate widespread deployment of technologies and tools, ensuring a lasting impact beyond the project’s conclusion.


It has been great to work together with the other partners during an extended period of time and develop the concept from an idea to a working demonstrator. Surely, much of the research conclusions will be implemented in the partners commercial products and strengthen the various software solutions

Oskar Ljung

Senior Product Owner and Project Lead for Solme AB (AVIX) in AIToC

As a partner in the AIToC project Solme AB (AVIX) has contributed with a web based front-end for operator guidance as well as to develop functionality for automatic line balancing and production order sequence optimization.

AIToC Presentation